Our Mission     is to provide all citizens with cost-effective medical equipment, supplies, and home adaptation to assist in ADL. We aim to support the citizens of our nation using modern and cost-efficient methods in an environment that fosters learning and encourages positive outcomes. In all cases, we recognize and appreciate that our employees are our most valuable assets and our success as a company is a result of their expertise, hard work and dedication.

“We are proud to be main contributors at health sector in Sultanate of Oman, cooperating with multi-national well-known expertise companies in health excellence, and having well-trained crew members by the hands of experts at an International level, aiming to provide both health participant and patients satisfaction is our company primary task. ”

“Ibn Sina Group has always been a primary force in the health sectors and still a leading organization in this field. Our history is filled with developments that have defined high-end standards and creates successful opportunities for professionals, clients and the community itself. I’m putting in my leadership efforts to continue being the leading Omani contributors in health sector fields and invest to ensure a constant high profile”

Products and solutions

More than the latest technology. Solutions for all our patients' needs.

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18th November Street 

Muscat, Mina Al Fahal, P.O.Box 481, PC. 116

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