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The secret to creating a beautiful, healthy smile is part art – and part science. Your patients trust you to architect a smile that places equal importance on lifelong oral health and aesthetics. We leverage 3M Science to ensure you have esthetic orthodontic treatment options that give you the choice and control you need to achieve the best results for your patients – and your practice.

Products  Highlights

3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets

  • Double ligation.

       3M’s proprietary oval under tie-wing area                     permits double ligation for treatment versatility.

  • Designed for patient comfort.

       Injection-molded ceramic provides smooth,                 rounded surfaces and corners designed for                 patient comfort.

  • Passive or active on demand.

       Passive self-ligating bracket becomes active on           demand with the addition of metal or                           elastomeric ligatures.

  • Fully-aesthetic solution.

      Translucent, stain-resistant ceramic for brilliant            aesthetics. No metal parts show.

  • Designed for strength.

       Made of fine-grained alumina, designed for                 strength.

  • Rotational control.

       Wide ceramic door assists rotational control               with a broad mesial-distal span and withstand             more than 2x the open and closing cycles of               typical treatment.

3M™ Unitek™ Miniature Twin Metal Brackets



  • Adhesive Precoat APC™ II, Non-coated

  • Hook Type Distal

  • Material Stainless Steel

  • Prescription MBT™, Roth*

  • Slot Size (Imperial) 0.018 in, 0.022 in


  • A microetched base features strength comparable to mesh

  • Ample under tie-wing area means smoother and more secure ligation

  • Torque-in-base design with compound base contour

  • A permanent vertical scribe line facilitates more accurate placement of brackets on the long axis for bonding.

  • Ample area under tie wings allows easy ligation.

  • A bi-directional hook eases elastic engagement and presents a smooth labial surface for increased patient comfort.

  • Symmetrical tie wings add balance to enhance tie wing strength and improve patient aesthetics.

  • A chamfered slot entrance promotes easier and more rapid archwire placement.

  • An integral base perimeter ridge facilitates easy flash clean up.

  • Permanent recessed I.D. markings provide ready identification.

Forsus™ Class II Correction System

  • A simple one-step installation into the headgear tube

  • A telescoping coaxial spring designed to allow for enhanced patient jaw opening

  • A comfortable stainless steel mechanism that does not bow out into the cheek

  • Low spring stresses to give the Forsus spring a longer, more fatigue-resistant life

  • Open spring design to facilitate good oral hygiene

  • One appointment installation, chairside, with no lab work required

  • Independent left and right components; install only one side if desired

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