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Ormesa quality research and innovation are active processes that involve each and every department . Ormesa assistive products for the posture and stabilization of people with disabilities and the elderly come as the result of a constant commitment to excellence, expressed through technical solutions and materials able to exceed international quality and safety standards. Over the years, Ormesa have never lost sight of our objective: to create original products that improve the lives of our users.

Product Line




Grillo is a gait trainer designed to facilitate the autonomous movement of children and adults. Grillo’s original design and patented height adjustment system makes it stylish and safe to use.
Available in front and rear drive models, it is extremely customizable, easy to use and versatile, due to its various adjustments and wide range of available supports.

Grillo grows with you

With its extremely light aluminum folding frame, Grillo is easy to push and maneuver for those with reduced voluntary motor skills and balance, and folds up for compact storage and ease of transport.
It has a gas-spring system that allows for safe and easy frame adjustment, even in use, whether stationary or in movement. The optimal center of gravity height adjustment system allows a Grillo of just one size to adapt to the growth of a child over a long period of time.


Precise, continuous adjustments

All adjustments are made using levers or adjustable safety handles, without needing any tools. This allows safe and easy adjustments and modifications, even while in use. It also allows for easy addition and removal of interchangeable supports.


Inclination adjustment.


Circumference and width adjustment.


Forward-backward adjustment.


Height adjustment (pelvic support size L is adjustable only with the frame).




Dondolino is a prone standing frame designed and built by Ormesa to help children acquire independence in maintaining a standing posture. Dondolino’s use in everyday contexts encourages environmental interaction by facilitating upper limbs and head mobility and the development of individual motor skills.
Dondolino is an extremely versatile device that comes in three sizes with a wide range of adjustments. It can be used by children and teens from 75 to 150 cm tall, adapting to their growth, to their development of individual skills and to their needs of hip and knee flexions.

Tilting frame

Through spring stopper adjuster it is possible to switch from the upright position to a more prone one in order to stimulate the active control of head and trunk.
These changes of attitude can be applied in a completely fluid way even with the child inside the standing frame, without causing pathological reactions of postural discomfort.
Dondolino contains without forcing, adapting the structure to different postural needs.





Trollino by Ormesa is a compact, light and easy-to-handle stroller for children and kids with special needs. Designed to meet the demands of families with urban lifestyles and those who like to travel without giving up on comfort but above all without limits: city walks? excursions? just choose! Thanks to our internationally patented system, Trollino can be folded in one swift movement and takes up very little space: its compactness allows it to be loaded in the trunk of any car. The double crossbar placed behind the backrest and under the seat gives stability and comfort.

The importance of an ergonomic seat

Comfort and ergonomics are essential values: Trollino makes users feel not only safe and extremely comfortable but it helps also to offer an optimal and stable posture in the most disparate circumstances. From the backrest to the seat, passing through the headrests and the trunk side supports, each element of Trollino is adjustable in a simple and intuitive way.
Furthermore, with its set of additional components, it offers possibilities of customization and comfort without limits.
Easy to fix and remove, handy and durable, Trollino’s components are designed to the smallest detail. The international patented system allows you to fold it with one single operation, even with mounted components, to ensure a fully satisfactory user experience.


Practical and light


Trollino has an aluminum folding frame, painted with non-toxic epoxy powders. Once folded it remains compact: this allows you to carry Trollino on its rear wheels like a travel trolley. Its low weight and its easy folding, makes it easy to lift or move: it is perfect if you need to store it in the car or to take public transport.
The wheels adapt to any type of terrain offering maximum comfort to both mother and child. It is so handy that it can be pushed with one hand.
Trollino is the ideal solution for dynamic families often traveling and that are looking for stability, practicality and comfort, all in one!

Smart upholstery


The upholstery of Trollino has a honeycomb leading-edge structure, therefore it is extremely breathable in contact with the skin.
The structure of the fabric creates an “air chamber” that allows both air circulation, for maximum breathability, and an effective natural thermal insulation.
The double layer is a guarantee of:
- Hygiene: thanks to the excellent breathability, it reduces sweating and bacteria formation.
- Washing: despite the upholstery is not removable, the fabric composition allows easy sanitization and washing.
- Quick drying.
- Resistance: High resistance to abrasion. The high resistance texture maintains its performance even at high loads (ISO 12947 test).
- Fire retardant: according to EN 1021-1:2014 and EN 1021-2:2014.

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