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   Orthotics & Prosthetics   

What do we do?

We at Ibn Sina provide comprehensive clinical services. Our qualified clinicians adapt a holistic approach to provide a specialized custom made or ready made orthotic and prosthetic treatment, ... 


How do we do it?


  • Patient History

  • Physical Assesment

  • Gait Analysis

First Step

Meet our team

Clinical Specialist
( CPO)

Orthotist & Prosthetist 

Saada Al Salmi

" I as Prosthetic & Orthotic, provide the highest quality of care and customized prosthetics and orthotics to enable you to overcome challenges and live your best life. Providing care in a positive environment is something I'm passionate about and ensure for all who choose us."



Clinical Specialist
( CPO)

Arrafat Yasir 



"Our experienced team of specialists in prosthetic & orthotics department is committed to working collaboratively with you to understand your situation and develop a customized plan of care that reflects your needs and goals, in supplying numerous suitable rehabilitation devices including Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy, Occupation Therapy, and Speach Therapy to achieve maximum treatment"

Orthotics and Prosthetics Technicians

Raja Kogul 

Senior/ Prosthetic & Orthotic Technician

T . Tharma 

Prosthetic & Orthotic Technician

     Rehabilitation Equipments Sale    

We at Ibn Sina are eager on supplying the advanced rehabilitation devices to overcome clients difficulties, and to meet a complete scope of treatment to provide for our clients.




Sunil Kumar

Clinical Sales

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